Saturday, March 05, 2005

Saturday's Triathlon Workout (3/5/05)

Spring is finally on the verge of springing here in the Great Suburban Outback. Today my bike trainer provided the perfect vantage point to watch the season's first robins grumbling and mumbling about flying 10,000 miles only to find the worms still hibernating.

After a 20 minute warm-up I did 6X5 minute intervals. The first 2 intervals were at a 100+ cadence with 90-second recoveries. The next 4 featured 4:45 at a 90+ cadence, a 15-second all-out sprint and a 3 minute recovery. Nice long cool-down since I need to preserve something for a 100-minute run tomorrow. The Weather Geek's calling for it to be 50+ degrees. About frickin' time, I say.

Comic relief was provided by Cat the Ripper who, seeing the aforementioned robins, proceeded to bash her little kitty skull into the window in a futile but heartfelt attempt to give them a proper "welcome home" greeting. Sucks to be an indoor cat.

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