Monday, March 14, 2005

Monday's Milestone On My Triathlon Journey (3/14/05)

For a moment I thought Karyn was kidding when she sent me this week's training schedule. Today's workout called for a 3,000 meter swim with lots of negative splits and reasonably fast (for me) 100's. I don't think I've ever swam 3,000 meters before, certainly never on purpose.

Anyway, I warmed up with a 300 swim, 200 (alternating kick and fingertip drill), another 300 swim and, finally, 4X50 easy. Quite a warm-up. That used to be my entire swim.

The main set was a 400 NS (negative split, i.e. get faster in each 100), 4X100's, 300 NS, 3X100's, 200 NS, 2X100's, 100 NS, 1X100. I kept the 100's consistent at about 1:55. A 100 cool-down finished the swim...and me. Actually I felt pretty good. Felt even better after a stint in the sauna...and better still after a sushi lunch.

Now I just need to learn to do it all in open, dark, mysterious, choppy, weed-infested water with 5,000 other people trying to drown me. The swim, I mean. Not the sushi lunch.

Yesterday's run was a 2-hour, 11 mile slog. A 2-minute walking break every 15 minutes kept the 'ol leg muscles on their toes, as it were. With the temperature in the low 20's as I headed out, I wore more layers than needed. I was hot after 3 miles and freezing after 8. Guess that's why it's called 'endurance' training.

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