Thursday, February 03, 2005

Thursday's Workout (2/3/05)

55 total minutes of running, beginning with a 20 minute, zone 2 warm-up. Then, 6x20 second gentle hill intervals with a 1 minute walk recovery between each. Next, 6x20 second medium hill intervals with a 1 minute walk recovery. Finally, 4x20 second steep hill intervals again with a 1 minute walk recovery. And because I was now two miles from home, I used that distance as an easy cool-down run. Not that I had much choice.

I walked in the door and got on my bike trainer for a 30 minute "easy-gear" spin, maintaining a 95+ cadence (I'm beginning to HATE the word "easy.") My natural cadence is about 80 but apparently 90+ is "more efficient" so it's above 90 we go. I guess if it's good enough for Lance Armstrong it'll probably work for me too.

Thus I live to fight another day. Tomorrow it's a 90 minute bike ride with all sorts of crazy stuff.

Now it's back to loading the more or less complete recordings of Bill Evans onto my iPod - the coolest device known to humankind. The world would be a better place if people listened to more Bill Evans and less (much less...maybe zero...) Kenny G. There you have it; triathlon training and music criticism all in one place. And you thought you were just going to read about a workout.

As always, if ya don't like it, don't read it! Grow up and get your own blog.

Stay tuned...

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