Friday, June 03, 2011

Vertical Man's Resurrection

And so it begins. The long, slow slog, the base building, the dark, cold, early morning workouts, the Boot Camps, the "I forget how many 25's this is!" laps in the pool, the carefully-watched calories and carbs, the fun, the fear and the blood, sweat and tears.

Yeah, I know 2013 is 2 years off. I've been slacking a LONG time and it's gonna take at least that to do enough penance. Time to get off my ass, get back to training, back to blogging, ranting and maybe some raving. Deal with it.

And I'm starting a triathlon business, called, unexpectedly, "Life Is A Tri." Some cool gear and triathlon-themed stuff. Stay tuned and keep those Visa cards handy.

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