Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Some Training Advice, Perhaps Obvious, Perhaps Not

Today's run in the heat reminded me of some great advice from CoachKaryn, specifically, run when it's hot, slacker! And when it's cold and windy and raining and uncomfortable for any number of reasons.


Well, can YOU predict race-day weather? Neither can I.

Maybe you have an 'A' race coming up and you know the average race-day temperature is 82 degrees. By itself, that limited knowledge does you about as much statistical good as knowing that mile #35 on the bike is moderately downhill.

What if the RANGE of recent race-day temperatures is from 62 on the low side to 102 on the high?

If all your training has been under blue skies and 'average' temperatures, you'll lack important knowledge about how your body performs under more extreme conditions. How to adjust your nutrition and hydration strategies. How to change pacing and energy usage. How to survive in 4-ft waves when the average lake conditions are "light chop."

The importance of slightly reducing your tires' air pressure when it's really hot, lest you risk a blowout or worse. And don't think it can't happen. It happened to me while riding the IM-Wisconsin bike course on a hot day a few years ago. Lesson learned.

We all love the great days with perfect weather. We NEED the challenging days with crappy conditions. So train when conditions aren't perfect. Like today.

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