Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Just One Dratted Thing After Another

Some good news today: As the proud owner of a brand new iPhone, I'm saying 'ta-ta' to Verizon's crappy service. It feels weird, this having fewer rant-worthy things in my life.

Of course, with the good news comes some bad (so maybe I'm at status quo in the rant category.) I'm now stuck trying to get 130 pictures off my old phone - pix of my Omaha loft, various vacations, friends and family. Best Buy recommended a Sandisk "microSD" card which, seemingly, neither fit nor worked. Back to BB I went, fuming all the way. There, in the hands of a callow, pimply-faced youth, the card fit AND worked like a charm. Figures.

One of the great mysteries of life, I guess. Like that funny noise under your car's hood that disappears the moment you turn the darn thing over to your mechanic for diagnosis. Like why there's never a teenager around when you need one, and always several lurking nearby when you don't.

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Fred (aka ace) said...

Trust me, I feel your pain... But sounds like things are on the up and up. Hopefully my life will soon follow ;)