Monday, August 17, 2009

Like 50 Miles Of Gravel Road

Hey, isn't that a country music song?

Apparently I've discovered a trend, says the Chicago Tribune. A trend of financially-stressed counties converting worn asphalt roads back to gravel. Goody.

I live within hailing distance of one of The Great Suburban Outback's best bike routes. In fact, a route used by several century rides and lots of us poor schlubs out for a day's training. Then, a week ago, everything went to hell.

That's when the County Road Commission dipwads showed up, spreading gravel everywhere, covering it in an oily, stinking slurry (probably toxic sludge from the local nuclear power plant) and departing, apparently never to return. But not before plastering signs everywhere announcing that we have the current administration's stimulus package to thank for all the "progress."

Now the road is bumpy and treacherous, strewn with sharp, tire-eating gravel. Unusable. Unrideable. I want my stimulus money back.

(Image courtesy of Gawker.)

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