Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ironman Louisville

Tri-Brother is racing IM-Louisville this weekend. Rock on bro!

He's lobbying for me to jump in the IM pool next year. I'm squeamish about an Ohio River swim and DEFINITELY unsure (does that make sense? Can one be "definite" about being unsure? But I digress...) about a 2010 IM. Maybe Steelhead in 2010 and a full IM in 2011. Meanwhile, I'll lobby him to write a race report.

By the way, what happened to summer in these parts anyway? We're supposed to have lows in the 40s this weekend and it ain't even Labor Day yet. I've gotta talk to the Goracle...

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Megan said...

So did you pull the IMKY trigger? MY sister did!

I'll be out there at Steelhead next year - maybe we can meet!

Vertical Man said...

No, I didn't pull the IMKY trigger. I'd prefer a race earlier in the summer like IMCDA so I can get it out of the way and spend the rest of the summer goofing off!

I live really close to the Steelhead course so let me know if you're ever heading over our way to ride the bike course.