Thursday, July 02, 2009

Verizon Sucks. Verizon Sucks. Verizon Sucks.

Until next week when I buy a new iPhone, I'm stuck with Verizon's crappy service and utterly unreliable promises. I'd like to beat bloody every last member of that mob in their TV advertising.

Though I live in a close-in resort area, within sight of one interstate highway and a few miles from another, I have NO cellphone service at la casa Vertical Man. None. Zippo. Not extended service, not roaming, nothing. The situation has persisted for 2 years despite repeated calls (from the equally crappy Comcast house phone) to Verizon on my part and repeated promises to remedy the situation on theirs.

It was highly amusing when I drove 15 miles to town this afternoon and suddenly received a Verizon VM message complaining that I'd been insufficiently attentive to a billing matter and needed to call them back ASAP. They're mad that they're calling and I'm not answering, that they're leaving messages and I'm not responding.

They're threatening to cancel my service. Hmmm. How would I tell the difference?

Apparently I'm the only one seeing the irony here. I'd love to call them back. Hell, I'd love to call ANYONE back. But it's tough to do with no service and a company watching re-runs of 'Green Acres' for tips on planning its network infrastructure.

Maybe I'm weird. You deliver me service, I pay you. You no deliver service, I no pay. And I no answer your pissy calls. Got it, a**holes?

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art tchr said...

wow. happy new phone. this brings to mind me calling Qwest to cancel my bundle..."my landlord is putting my home up for sale. I have to move."
" will cost you $800 to cancel your wireless internet."

"HUH? I need to speak to a manager."

won't cost me a thing. but the contract for 18 months of satellite TV (which I never watch) and which my son no longer watches cuz he's 14.5 and I had to make a point, well, the manager stood fast to the 20 bucks a month charge for the remaining months of my indentured bundled servitude to Qwest.

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