Monday, July 20, 2009

I Love The Smell Of Conspiracy In the Morning

Let's see. Coincidentally, insider trading charges are filed against Mark Cuban just days after he expressed his interest in buying the Chicago Cubs. "Whew! THAT was close!" said baseball's owners. "The only felons we let near America's pastime are drug abusers and liars-to-Congress!"

Now, in another remarkable coincidence, a judge tossed out all the SEC's charges against Cuban just days after the Tribune Co. announced an 'alleged' sale to Tom Ricketts. "Whew!" said the owners. "We knew the charges wouldn't stick but we're long as Ricketts' check clears!"

(Why is the sale 'alleged?' Well, it's taken only slightly less time than the interval since the team's last playoff victory, and now appears to involve a trip through the backwaters of bankruptcy court. So there's still ample time to screw up something. Just like 1969.)

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amybee said...

hey: thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing your words of vertical wisdom....

I used to live about 6 blocks from Wrigley...still miss it.