Wednesday, June 17, 2009

You're Old News, Sammy

So the NY Times outed Sammy Sosa as one of the players testing positive for steroids back in 2003. Worst-kept secret in baseball. OF COURSE he was juiced! One look at his pineapple-shaped, acne-scarred face would've told you that.

Worse yet, his new-found power at the plate just masked his increasingly erratic outfield play. Even today, I doubt he knows the meaning of "hit the cut-off man..." Still, Cubs fans adored Sammy and many are still defending him this morning on talk radio. Losers.

Don't you wonder why the story broke in a New York newspaper, not in the Chicago Tribune? Oh wait. The Trib and the Cubs share a dwarfish owner. Silly question.

Tri-Brother wonders how many triathlon age-groupers heading to Kona would pass a drug test. It's a good question, these days.

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Bob Mitera said...

Great post!

MLB knew those guys were dopers. They didn't care because they needed butts in the seats after the strike had fans saying FU to MLB. Two words: Bud Selig.

Dopers in Kona? My guess would be 30-40% clean. Testing needs to happen in our sport. EVERYONE!

Great, great post.