Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Don't Mess With Panther!

Winter has finally relaxed its hold on the Great Suburban Outback, though the retreating snow has revealed spectacular carnage inflicted on my favorite bike route's road surfaces. I may buy a new set of throw-away wheels just to handle the potholes. Yikes.

And just now, I looked out of my office window and watched Panther (yes, the famed kitty from a few days ago...) scatter an entire gaggle of geese. Quite a sight, that of one lone, black kitty chasing 100 geese out of HIS yard and onto the ice!

As I looked a little closer, I saw that Panther was simply chasing a mouse across the yard; the damn geese happened to be in the way. Too bad for them!

I doubt the mouse had a very good afternoon either.

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