Sunday, January 11, 2009

Uh-Oh! Taking On Water, Cap'n!

I dunno what CoachKaryn thinks of snow-shoveling as training (especially now that she's decamped for warmer climes where the only thing she shovels off her driveway is big giant bugs) but I'm feeling muscles I haven't used in a while.  Of course I'm listing noticeably to the right, much like a Liberty Ship after a U-Boat torpedo run. That shouldn't be much of a problem, should it?

Maybe a long hot tub soak'll fix things.

There's a large hawk (Red-tailed??) strafing my bird feeder patrons.  So far the chickadees & morning doves have escaped BEING the buffet, at least that I've witnessed.  Life in The Great Suburban Outback sure is fraught with peril.

Oh yeah, watching Camden the Wonder Dog plow through two feet of snow is pretty funny.  When he's not blasting through the woods like his ass is on fire, he's chasing each shovel-full of snow as I throw it.  

And about those shovels-full landing right between his ears?  Coincidence!  Really!  And that time my shovel smacked him upside his fuzzy head?  Completely accidental, I swear!  Life in the GSO needs comic relief, too.

Now CtWD is off to the doggie park with Tri-Daughter #3. Someone's having lots of fun this winter and I'm pretty sure it's the damn dog among us.

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