Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'm Becoming A Fair Weather Triathlete!

I admit it, and right now I envy you warm climate triathlon enthusiasts.  Here, the Great Suburban Outback's chief Weather Geek - who must love torturing mileage-deprived triathletes - says temperatures MIGHT rise above freezing on Super Bowl Sunday.  If she's right, it'll be the highest the mercury's been in 6 weeks.

The GSO's roads are so icy and snow-covered that you can't really run on 'em.  Instead, you've gotta plod and shuffle along so you don't fall on your ass.  I hate running on treadmills.  I hate my bike trainer.  I hate being cold.  I hate it that I'm starting to think of highs in the low teens and 2" of new snow every day as normal. 

The Galena Triathlon is really gonna suck if I don't get off my ass.  Someone kick me.

iPod Shuffle: "Protection" by Massive Attack, from "Protection." Melancholy keyboards, throbbing acid lines and knowing vocals.  And "Summertime" by Sidney Bechet, from "The Encyclopedia Of Jazz: The Gold Collection."  The world would be a better place if we listened to more Sidney Bechet and less Kenny G.  And "Arc Of A Diver" by Steve Winwood, from "Arc Of A Diver."  Not his best album, but still the best soul voice ever to come from a white person.

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