Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Let's see...some Camden the Wonder Dog musings from The Great Suburban Outback, where hell has, indeed, frozen over.

CtWD went flying outdoors a few minutes ago for his morning dump.  So far so good.  Unfortunately for him,  there are certain, er, practical difficulties involved in pooping in two feet of snow when your ass is only a foot-and-a-half from the ground.  Yeow!

His facial expression was as close to "WHAT THE HELL???" as these things ever get. Yesterday he tried the easy way: pooping on the plowed driveway.  I hit him with a snowball.  Pow!  Splat!


Lynne said...

How 'bout shoveling off an area just ouside the door that's grassy for poor, frozen-arsed Camden?! Then put one of those boot brushes (ya know, shaped like some forest animal) for him to wipe his rump on before he reenters the house. For some reason, I've got this image of an old man's mustache and beard, frozen with icicles hanging from it....when I imagine poor Camdens hairy little rump! Not that I imagine it often...at all. :)

Vertical Man said...

Ummm, no. Way too much work. I'll shovel for the birds to have a place to eat from the ground, but CtWD is on his hairy-assed own!