Tuesday, January 06, 2009

CoachKaryn Rocks!

A Linkedin colleague, thinking about beginning a triathlon coaching business, posed a question about coaching - why use a coach, the benefits, etc.  My answer:

"Yes, I've had a coach for several years and have achieved results I never thought possible. Frankly, as a busy professional, I don't like to think very much about planning a training schedule for a full season of racing...all the varying workouts, intensity levels, periodizing, peaking, etc.   I like to UNDERSTAND it all, but am more than happy to leave the details to someone else.   She says "Here's what we're trying to achieve and here's the week's schedule.   Go do this workout on that day at this intensity level and let me know how it goes..."

"She's also been great at helping me plan race-day strategy, how to approach the race mentally, making sure I stick with my nutrition and hydration plan, etc.

"I started working with her when I decided to do my first half-Ironman, a race that had me totally freaked out. I'd done Olympic distances and been fine, but had a sense that the step up in distance would require new approaches...I was right. My goal in that half-IM was to break 6:00. With her help and motivation, I nearly broke 5:00.

"I chose her for her excellent background in swimming (my weakest leg) and general training philosophy which emphasizes quality training and smart training over miles and miles of pounding. She's generally very calm and positive but also knows when I need my ass kicked. A nice combination to have!

"I'm fortunate to be able to afford her services; cost is the main objection I hear when discussing the issue with other triathletes. And, there are some people who just prefer to go it alone. I think they're their own worst enemy, personally.

"My coach and I now live several thousand miles apart and are still working together on-line as I plan for IM-CdA 2010.

"I hope this helps. Good luck with your idea!"

I've been bugging Tri-Brother to get a coach.  It might get him to Kona.


dave said...

I'm thinking of getting a coach this year. Do you mind sharing the name or contact information for your coach? Thanks

Vertical Man said...


In the sidebar you'll see a list of so-called "Unsponsors." CoachKaryn (Karyn Austin) is one of the links; click on the link to go to VisionQuest's web site. Once there, go to "About Us" and you'll see a list of VQ coaches. Karyn's information is there. I highly recommend her.

Dave said...

Great, thanks!