Thursday, December 11, 2008

Barely Bear and DW Drums

"Barely", my DW bear.  He's "Barely" cuz he can barely reach the pedals.  If you see the two of us together, he's the quiet one.  Doncha love that awesome Paiste Signature 20" 'Dry Ride' cymbal?  It sounds as good as it looks and it looks pretty darn cool.  Hear it in action here.

iPod Shuffle: New iTunes download stuff, like "Bloodhounds On My Trail" by the The Black Angels, from "Passover."  Lotsa bands THINK they're channeling The Velvet Underground.  Most are wrong.  We'll see about the Angels.  Regardless, it's a great, pounding drum track.  Listen to the little floor-tom triplets and off-beats.  And "Nowhere Again" by The Secret Machines, from "Now Here Is Nowhere."  I had this song on an old iPod but it went somewhere I can't find so I forked over another 99 cents to learn the drum track.  Cool.  And "Take Back the City" by Snow Patrol, from "A Hundred Million Suns."

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