Tuesday, November 04, 2008

No More Political Ads! Yay!

I got up this morning, fired up the coffee pot and took Camden the Wonder Dog for a run.  If the run's much longer than 4 miles (like today) he poops out long before I do and I end up dragging his sorry ass all the way home.  He sleeps the rest of the day though, uninterested even in chasing the cat.

Then I polished off the coffee and some eggs and turkey bacon and, leaving CtWD recovering at home, I perpetuated that Great American Tradition; waiting in line, bellying up to that silvery machine, thinking about what I want to do for a moment, pressing the lever and a couple of buttons, checking everything over to make sure I did it right...yep, it feels darn GOOD to fill your tank with $2.18/gallon gas and have change left over from a $50.

Next, I used some of that gas to drive over to our Village Hall polling place, where I cast my "make up your mind at the last possible minute and pull the lever" vote.  Whatever happens during the next 4 years, it's partially my fault.  I admit it.  I'm saving you the trouble of reminding me.


M said...

hey, the way i see it is that we can't complain if we do nothing.

Vertical Man said...

Oh, I'll complain plenty, believe me! The way I look at it, the next 4 years are gonna be blogger heaven!