Friday, November 21, 2008

Cuz VM Can't Live On Bread Alone

Lentil soup and a nice green salad for dinner tonight. Maybe a spicy Zinfandel to accompany; we'll have to see what surprises lurk in the wine cellar.

Thanksgiving dinner this year will NOT involve a turkey. Gobble, Gobble. Vertical Man's family finally came clean and admitted they're really NOT turkey fans and I'm pretty sure it's NOT how I cooked the bird in years past since I rock as a chef. Nope, this year it's a 6 lb. beef tenderloin, maybe with a hazelnut stuffing and an armagnac demi-glace. Or not. Whatever.

I'm still making my famous pumpkin bread, wild mushroom & herb stuffing, and the carrot, jalopeno & ginger soup cuz they're family favorites. I know this cuz the family told me so. Oh yeah, and the pear & goat cheese bruschetta.

Joining me for dinner this year are Tri-Mom, Tri-Brother, Tri-Daughters #1 and #3 and various friends and groupies. Tri-Brother and I are still working on the wine list. It's gonna be epic.

In case you're wondering, Tri-Daughter #2 just moved to the west coast and started a new job so she's stuck. T-D #4 is joining her boyfriend's family for dinner in the great, WARM desert southwest. As I look out on 10" of new snow I'm thinking we should all go THERE!

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