Wednesday, October 15, 2008

And Another Pollster Goes Away Unhappy

With my state still firmly in electoral play, the campaigns are driving themselves into such a tizzy that one intrepid poll-taker actually made the mistake of calling me this morning...

(ring ring ring...)

Me: 'Hello?'  

(Looooooooooooooooooong pause while their phone system recognized that a live person actually answered.  I shoulda hung up but...)

Pollster:  'Hello?'

Me:  'I said it first!'

Pollster:  'Ummm...what?'

Me:  'I said it first!'

Pollster:  'Said what first?'

Me:  'Hello!'

Pollster:  'Hello!  Hello!  Can you hear me?'

Me:  'Yes, I hear you.  You've got 3 seconds to get to something resembling a point!'

Pollster:  'Are you registered to vote?'

Me: 'You betcha.'

Pollster:  'May I ask who you intend to vote for?'

Me:  'No.'

Pollster:  'So you're undecided?'

Me:  'No, I've decided who I'm voting for.  'No' means I won't tell you who it is.'

Pollster:  'Ummm.  Well, for statistical purposes may I ask your age?

Me:  'No.'

Pollster:  'No?  What?  You won't tell me?  Why not?  I've never had anyone refuse to answer before.'

Me:  'First time for everything, babe.  Now go away.'

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