Friday, September 05, 2008

Tri-Daughters and Life Lessons

Tri-Daughter #3 is back in college as a fifth-year senior. The trouble is, I only saved money for FOUR years of college. Oops. Funny how graduation-focused she's become now that she's writing her own checks. Now if I could just keep her outta Nordstrom...

T-D #1 is leaving Sunday for 3 weeks of pre-PT board exam goofing off in Europe...Italy and England primarily, I think. T-D #2 just got back from a month in Montana and California where she scoped out medical schools and relocation possibilities with the boyfriend. T-D #4 is freshly returned to the Valley Of the Sun from the wilds of Idaho, with her soon-to-be major league pitcher boyfriend, going to school and enjoying the desert southwest.

Life is good in Tri-Daughterland.

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