Sunday, September 28, 2008

There Shoulda Been Fireworks Or Something

I'm finally over the top, blogwise, thanks to some international assistance.  My 100,000th visitor (from Merzalben, Rheinland-pfalz, Germany) ended up here by Googling "Words beginning with B."  Googling from London, England, my 100,001st poor lost soul asked "Where was the Land 'O Goshen" and found this little internet backwater.  

Thanks to all of you and to Google too, I guess.  By the way, MY Land 'O Goshen is in Indiana. Now get out there and train.

iPod Shuffle: "Stop Breakin' Down" by The Jeff Healey Band, from "Live At Montreaux 1999."  And "Only One Two" by Jewel, from "Goodbye Alice In Wonderland."  I love this song, especially the drummer's little ghost beats and fast triplets.

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