Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Back In the GSO

Green tea - just before the fortune cookie arrived - at one of my favorite Asian/fusion restaurants in Chicago's suburbs.  I ordered the Kung Bo Chicken 'extra nuclear' spicy.  The chef came out of the kitchen to make sure I knew what I was ordering.  I assured him I did but it still wasn't spicy enough.  Cowards.

Some great networking today with really cool people, all with awesome ideas to contribute to what I'm working on.  God, life outside the walls is really, really good. I haven't worn grown-up shoes or a shirt with a collar more than twice since the snow melted.  And yet life goes on, as somehow I knew it would.  It helps when you surround yourself with positive people adding positive energy to your life.  Go figure.

Oh, and here's a small piece of advice to those still laboring away inside the walls: next time you're appointed to a committee, ask first how to get yourself impeached. And send a message to your long-suffering committee colleagues: if they want to masturbate, they should do it at home, alone and on their own time.

Ah, you probably won't do that.  Coward.

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