Wednesday, September 24, 2008

99,951 Bottles Of Beer On The Wall

Almost there.  My 100,000th visitor should arrive sometime in the next several days and, NO, there's no prize.  Just condolences: condolences to me for being such a self-absorbed narcissist for so long, and even more condolences to YOU for watching this extended train wreck and being fixated by the spectacle, unable to turn away, apparently.

But for four years I've had fun and I've pissed a few of you off (hence the fun...) and I've chronicled races and training and travels and Tri-Daughters and a few Oscar shows and lotsa politicians and celebrities wanking off and other stupid stuff and I'm hoping for four more years of the same perspicacious, captious things.  As always, if you don't like it, go read some other damn blog.

And it's not New Years yet, but I'm already resolving to stop being so hesitant to offer opinions.

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