Friday, August 22, 2008

It Ain't An Empty Nest Until The Kids Get Their Crap Outta The Garage

Rain and thunderstorms have temporarily interrupted my quest to de-junkify my garage and basement through the most quintessential of all middle-American traditions: the garage sale.  What isn't sold by the end of the day (or the the storms' passing, whichever comes first) is being given away or junked.  I'm sure there's an HGTV show in there somewhere, maybe something like "De-Constipating Your House."

Pretty soon I'll be able to park my very own car in my very own garage.  Another great American tradition.

UPDATE ON THE "MESSING WITH POLLSTERS" POST (BELOW.)  I once told a pollster that I didn't want to answer her questions cuz I didn't plan on voting.  When she inquired as to why I wasn't doing my patriotic duty I told her that I'd just found out I had only a few months to live and I figured voters ought to at least stick around long enough to reap the unhappy consequences of their actions.

Let's see...what else...oh yeah, I'm picking a fight with an Idaho Falls, ID tire store by filing complaints with their BBB, Chamber of Commerce and anybody else who'll listen over said tire store's attempt to rip-off Tri-Daughter #4.  They refused to replace the ONE road debris-damaged tire she needed, insisting that she spend $2,000 on FOUR new tires which, of course, didn't happen.  Nobody rips off Tri-Daughters (or tries to) and gets away with it.

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