Monday, August 11, 2008

And a one and a two...

OK, stick with me here.  T-D #1 recently graduated.  T-D #2's boyfriend did too. An after-graduation pool party.  Boyfriend attended avec parents.  Boyfriend's father plays kick-ass guitar.  Guitar's sitting in car trunk.   Next to a big-ass Marshall amp.  Father saw silent DW drums.  Ahhh, that ain't right!  Guitar and amp rescued from trunk.  Vertical Man on the drums, silent no more.  Woo-Hoo Boogaloo!

Crashing noise.  Loud merriment.  Geezer rock 'n roll.  Bo Diddley beats.  Chicago blues.  Stones' "Casino Boogie" (cuz I'm Charlie Watts, remember?)  Thin-lipped sticks-in-the-mud disapproving.  Tough beans.  Best graduation party EVAH!  Surprised you didn't hear it. two three FOUR!

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