Saturday, July 19, 2008

This Is What Happens When You Eat A GU

Just got a call from Tri-Brother with the question of the day: "Say, how do you know if you need stitches...?"  After a long discussion about this morning's bike crash (caused by distractedly eating a GU...more about that in a minute), he probably doesn't need stitches but may need a gallon or so of hydrogen peroxide, several dozen butterfly bandages, acres of antibiotic ointment and a 55-gallon drum filled with Tylenol #3.

My first question when he called me was not "My God!  Are you OK?" but "Why are you eating a GU anyway? Those things are N-A-S-T-Y!  Next time eat a Crank e-Gel for God's sake."

I'm such a good brother.

Oh yeah, a word to the wise: when cruising at 23 MPH, don't try to eat a GU (or anything else) with one hand, brake for a stop sign with the other and get distracted so's your hand slips off the handlebar and you touch your teammate's wheel. The combined effect of all that inattention will send you spinning off into the gravel, face first. And put a hole in your new bike's carbon fiber aerobars. Oops.

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