Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I Read The News Today...Oh Boy!

Back from a 60-minute bike ride, 15+ miles, several big hills, 114 watts (getting slightly better...) 124 avg HR, 45 minutes in zone 2 - right where I want to be.

Meetings in Chicago most of tomorrow, along with a stop at the Oak Brook Apple Store's genius bar or whatever they call the place staffed with smart 12 year-olds who can repair some dumb-ass things I did to my MacBook Pro.

Now the pool is calling...

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Comm's said...

yeah gotta give Apple so credit, they have some big heuvos to call their tech center the Genius Bar.

But they do allow you to sign up online for the queue so you don't have to wait an hour once you get there. and their warranty policy is pretty sweet on the iPods, "Here, here's a new one."