Sunday, June 22, 2008

Message From A Friend

"It does not matter how slowly you long as you do not stop."  Amen.  A message from a friend:

"...(W)e now get to choose what dreams we wish to create, pursue, and live. But how do we do that?

"I may be clear on some my dreams and many of them are RIGHT NOW. You may be clear on some things as am I, but ALL of life is now available to us. It's difficult to not mourn the time "wasted" with previous nonsense. Time isn't what they said it was going to be, and sometimes I look back with a d"eeply ingrained resentment of all that time behind me, having been wasted!

"Of course it isn't wasted at brought me to today. And it brought you to today...

"Now what? How do I live what others appear to do so easily? Or is it "easier" for anyone? Am I still so different from those living my perceived "charmed lives" that I'm a social outcast?

"I think the living solution is it a little bit every day! I found a Confucius saying; "It does not matter how slowly you go...So long as you do not stop!"

"So I'm a little behind the curve. Or am I?

"Look at the courage, intuitive spiritual strength and faith, and the intelligence it has question "them" constructively. Look at the possibilities of what we're both looking at in our own lives TODAY.

"How ****ing cool is THIS?

"Is this what the Eastern Spiritual guru's describe as Nirvana/Jannah/Heaven?

"So the question for me today, is what little step/s will I choose today that will draw me back to my original source...the source that makes ALL things in life just right?

"Maybe I should develop a blog..."

iPod Shuffle: "Paradise" by Sonia Dada, from "Sonia Dada."  

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