Thursday, June 26, 2008

Drama In The Theatre District

As I've mentioned a time or two, Tri-Daughters #1 and #2 together own a loft in Chicago's Loop...well, the so-called theatre district, actually ("Wicked" anybody?)  T-D #1 is spending the summer in Cleveland, OH doing something related to her Physical Therapy doctorate degree.  With an impending August graduation (the same weekend as Steelhead AND my birthday woohoo!), she's still unsure of life's next phase.  I guess getting a paying job is only one option under consideration.

Now T-D #2 has announced she's moving to either Phoenix or San Diego in the fall...something about following her heart and a certain young man.   And, after a year as the loft's sole tenant (except for the kitties), she's discovered that she doesn't at all miss living with her bossy, messy older sister.  Hmmm.

Now the question - about which there's MUCHO disagreement - becomes what to do with the loft?  T-D #1 says 'Keep it.  I may need a place to live!'  T-D #2 says 'I'm outta here!  Buy my share or sell the place ASAP.'  As equal co-owners they must agree.  They don't.

As a good tie-breaking Dad, I have my own self-interest at stake and so I say 'Keep it! I need a free place to stay for the Accenture Chicago triathlon.'  They seem not to care much about that, actually.

So let's just say that the theatre district's summer dramas will not be limited to the stage. Kids these days. Whatcha gonna do?

UPDATE:  I blog about Tri-Daughter drama and, lo-and-behold they work it out!  The loft is going up for sale.  Whodathunk?  Guess it's back to the Fairmont for Accenture Chicago.  

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