Tuesday, December 26, 2006

What Is It?

Pardon the slightly off-kilter photograph and the shelf of books peering out on the left side, but it’s art. Modern art. For my loft.

And there’s a cool story behind it, beginning last summer when I noticed some obviously-adolescent finger paintings in a colleague’s office. In dire need of SOMETHING to cover blank, grey walls in my loft (and fresh out of adolescents with which to commission original works) I asked where she’d gotten them. Turns out they came from a school for special needs kids across the street from my office.

One thing led to another and I ended up asking the school’s art teacher if his class would paint me something large, modern, vivid and bright…no other criteria. He said they’d love it, so one day I bought the largest canvas I could find and dropped it off. The kids used every technique available to them - brushes and rollers attached to wheelchairs, you name it. You can see the results.

But what is it? Who knows? What do YOU see? It doesn’t have to “be” something except the result of inspiring kids’ creative imagination. I see color, energy, tension, depth, texture, dim forms…but that’s just me.

I’m thrilled. It’ll look awesome in my loft. I’m giving the school a donation as a ‘thank you.’ I hope the kids enjoyed the “creating” as much as I’ll enjoy the “owning.” And I’m told the school is considering more art like this as a fundraising effort. Good for them. I'm proud to be their first patron.


Anonymous said...

cool...the yellow form looks like a glider to me...

Comm's said...

That is a very cool idea. This could generate tremendous money for the school if they can follow through with it.

A tipping point perhaps

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful idea! Maybe it is all the talk of snow and Colorado, but it looks a bit like an arial view of a ski resort!