Wednesday, December 27, 2006

January Shout-Outs

January is National Blood Donor Month, Birth Defects Prevention Month, Cervical Cancer Screening Month, National Glaucoma Awareness Month, National Thyroid Awareness Month, the 21st through the 27th is National Healthy Weight Week and the 25th is National Women's Healthy Weight Day.

On the subject of the latter, a not-so-hidden benefit of the tri-life is being in shape and looking like it. Yet, as the father of 4 Tri-Daughters, I’ve seen first-hand how the fashion industry and Hollywood warp young girls’ self-image. Though legislation is seldom the answer to anything, I see Spain’s effort to mandate a minimum weight for runway models as the beginnings of a counter-movement. Laudable idea, good intentions, dumb implementation.

But now, in the season for resolutions, resolve to seek HEALTH as an end result, not some fashionmeister's emaciated definition of beauty. Want to lose a few pounds? Go ahead, I’m right there with you. Want to fit into that bikini by June? Hey, everybody needs a goal (and I’m just shallow enough to like bikinis, on you that is…) But along the way, stay focused on the real game - being the best person you can be. Let your attitudes and behaviors tell the tale, not the scale.

Because real women do indeed have curves. And YOU, over there, YOU look fabulous!

UPDATE: Commenter nancytoby updated me on Spain's response to the plague of bony, waifish runway models. I stand corrected; maybe they're not so dumb after all!

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nancytoby said...

Why, thank you!!

As I recall, the thing in Spain was normally a government-subsidized event and they just said they weren't going to subsidize it if models below XX BMI were included, and the organizers complied. Somewhat different than legislating, and I believe a fairly reasonable approach.