Friday, December 29, 2006

iPod Rescue

My beloved 2 year-old iPod is becoming a major pain in the ass. Sometimes it refuses to boot up at all. Sometimes it stubbornly refuses to play a song (and I’m fairly certain it’s not due to my taste in music.)

I thought about sending it back to Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, and pleading with him to take a look at it in between counting all those illegally-granted stock options. I considered sending it off to and hoping for the best. But then I found a remedy on the internet much more to my liking and meager fix-it skills: drop the sucker onto a hard surface (e.g. my kitchen’s granite countertop) from ever-increasing heights until it starts working again.

Now, I tend to really like fix-it ideas involving physical violence against the recalcitrant gizmo. So much the better if it also involves cursing and swearing. If the dang doohickey isn’t working after a good solid kick, well, maybe you didn’t kick it hard enough. Wind up and try ‘er again. And swear louder this time.

So I tried it. 6,000 songs and a few of Bob Newhart’s comedy routines hit the deck…over and over. Curse, curse, curse, bang, ka-wang, crash.

And now it’s working fine, thank you very much. Hey Mom, I finally fixed something! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH!


Comm's said...

Is this also sound advice for parenting? Sometimes my son is stubborn too.

Lightwallet said...

Vertical Man - Thank you. As a father of 3 and husband to 1, I am supposed to fix everything. When the Ipod went down (sad face) I proceeded to get my service appt with the "Genius" at the local Apple store Genius bar. With the 2nd appt scheduled that morning and not much extra time I sat for 1/2 an hour past my appointment being intentionally ignored. Once my turn was up I received the very rehearsed "Let me tell you the bad news first that Apple cannot repair Ipods and your's is past warranty so we can discount you 10% on a new Ipod" After literally a 10 second diagnostic which consisted of trying to reset the Ipod my "Genius" concluded nothing could be done and thanked me for my patience.
Not satisfied I looked into 3rd party repair and found Ipod Rescue along with a couple others that looked good. But before just sending it off for a $150 repair fee I decided to investigate unfiltered customer feedback and found your blog. I s_ _ _ _ you not, I hit the reset dropped it on the table a couple times (opting not for the granite) and it fired right up. I am laughing on the floor. The entire defeatist experience with Apple was stunning only to be outdone by fixing it by way of your basic Fonzie thump of the fist.

Thanks for now.
I am sure at some point I will have to contact Ipod Rescue but at least I have successfully put it off for another day.