Thursday, November 02, 2006

Vertical Pretzel Man

I’ve started taking a 2-hour yoga class on Wednesday evenings. So far I’ve learned that (a) I truly suck at yoga, (b) I’m rife with muscle imbalances and lousy posture, and (c) CoachKaryn is right: I am the world’s most inflexible white man. The class’s format is 1:20 of intense (for me) yoga poses bookended with 20 minutes of what I fondly call “California WooWoo” (not to be confused with any MoJo or JuJu…more about those later.)

But I’m having a great time and can already see how yoga’s emphasis on flexibility, balance and strength will benefit my decrepit body. I signed up for 8 weeks and foresee it becoming a more-or-less permanent addition to my training regimen. So if you hear some weird humming coming up behind you at Steelhead 2007, it’ll be me fixing to blow your ass into the weeds.

Hmmm…that’s not a very peaceful attitude is it? Well, I’ve only been doing it a week. Patience, grasshopper.

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mipper said...

this is funny. actually my husband claims to be the most inflexible white man ever. he cannot touch his toes... at all. no matter what position he is in. it is sad. maybe he needs yoga too...