Monday, November 27, 2006


CoachKaryn forwarded this from one of her star clients...

I had an epiphany on the bike yesterday.....thought you might get a kick out of these.

I remember when ...........
-90 rpm's was literally spinning my legs, its my default cadence;
-20 mph was a, its the speed I try to maintain between intervals ;
-watts was something to do with electricity & the only time you saw it in print was when you changed the three way, they scream at me thru the power tap;

I remember when ..........
-10 min miles were virtual, its the warm up pace;
-cadence was either a marching or musical, its the constant ticking in my head;
-forward lean was something I experienced after a couple of, its free speed;

I remember when........
-3000 yds in the pool was excrutiatingly (sp?), oh shit, some things never change

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