Wednesday, October 25, 2006

What I Do For Entertainment

So, against my better judgment, I watched the hated New York Giants play the loathed Dallas Cowboys on Monday Night Football. I did reach a few conclusions though, and as usual I’m happy to share ‘em with you.

First, Terrell Owens is to the NFL what bird flu is to the rest of us.

Second, though I don’t recall asking the question, I now know exactly how many ESPN programming executives it takes to kiss T.O.’s ass. Answer: all of them. Too bad they seem pathologically incapable of letting T.O. simply lie there in the crabgrass of impending career flameout.

Third, is it my imagination or are the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders becoming just another pack of blank-stared, big-haired Texas skanks? Oh, wait. Those are the Cowboy players. Never mind.

1 comment:

Comm's said...

I couldn't agree more with you on TO. Not only is he a complete ass, but the media around him is worse than he is.

They default to TO when they can't fathom how to think deeply about any pressing issue in football.