Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I'm Like Soooooo Sick of "Like."

I’m like, why is it that, like, every conversation is just, like, SO, like, full of, like, words that, like, don’t add, like, ANY meaning to the conversation? People today are, like, unable to talk in, like, complete sentences with, like, nouns and verbs and, like, adjectives and stuff, and, like, need to resort to, like, filler words like “like” in a mostly, like, futile attempt to, like, communicate with, like, most everyone. Ya know?

We may not (yet) be a nation of utter nit-wits, but you couldn’t prove it by listening to us. Like.


Anonymous said...

Like, my thirteen year old daughter says like about a million times a day.

I guess its better than some other words.

Are you doing an Ironman in 07?

Comm's said...

I actually have to censor my blog posts sometimes b/c I write "like" in the middle of sentence. I don't even use the word in common speaking. Strange how we can think,speak and write differently.

mipper said...

Like, what are you saying? Is like, like, a bad word or, like, is it just, like, annoying?

I hear you completely by the way. It bothers me to no end when the number of times a person says "like" outnumbers the other words in a sentence.

Flatman said...

Like, Ditto.