Sunday, August 06, 2006

Mojo, Mojo, Where's My Mojo? Oh, There It is!

Talked to CoachKaryn today, sort of a Steelhead one-day-after debriefing. She asked if the race (and a vertical finish) got me my mojo back. I said I think so. The sight of all those athletes passing me on the bike might've done it. I know I'm as good as some of 'em, maybe a lot of 'em, or I could be that good with the right training attitude. I hate being passed, and it may be just that simple.

So, starting a week from now I'm back on the program. I know I've said it before, but I'm thinking this time it'll stick. I've gotta rid myself of CoachKaryn's new nickname for me: Taper Man. Uh, no. That's Vertical Man to all of you, friends, enemies and coaches alike. Though I can certainly understand CoachKaryn's position. I'm hardly her poster child for much of anything except old age and general cussedness.

Oh, and congratulations to Tri-Brother for his 2nd place age group finish. Tri-Brother rocks. He won (but declined) a slot to the new half-Ironman championship in Clearwater, FL.

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Shelley said...

Yay!!! Good for you!! It was nice seeing you again if only for a couple of seconds. Good luck on your journey.