Saturday, April 08, 2006

He's Alive!

OK, let's see. Been to Colorado for several wonderful days of spring skiing at Keystone. Been to the Lumberjack Disneyland - a.k.a. the Wisconsin Dells - for several more days of spring break indoor waterparking and watersliding.

Training? Not so much. Racing? Not at all, though I'm running a half-marathon tomorrow in NW Indiana.

Mostly I've been job hunting and dealing with the stress, angst and general funkedupness that goes along with the process. I'm THIS close to two offers, so close I can taste both of 'em. Best case: I get two offers and have a tough decision. OK case: I get one offer and consider it a sign I'm supposed to take it and be happy. Worst case: nah, ignore that one.

One job would require an out-of-state relocation, far from training partners and race venues. But in many respects it's the job of my dreams with a great organization. The other is in the Great Suburban Outback somewhere, close to WIBAs, SEBAs and lots of other stuff I really like. But above all, I really like having an income, so....check back early next week for updates.

In the meantime, keep me in mind if you know of a health care organization needing a growth-oriented strategist, marketer and all-around cool guy. Now I'm off to clean the house and take DamnDog for a walk.

iPod shuffle: "Humdinger" by J.J. Cale. The master of the laid-back, bluesy Texas groove.

What I'm reading: "Profitable Growth Is Everyone's Business : 10 Tools You Can Use Monday Morning" by Ram Charan. Organizations grow by doing lots of little things right: culture, metrics and processes.


Keryn said...

Wow...he's! Where would this relocation take you?

Comm's said...

you had to mention iPods. Mine has been missing all week and I am beginning to fear the worst.

Wil said...

Where'd you race the half? How'd it go!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?