Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Whoa Nellie!

At least my bike stops when I fall off...

(UPDATE: MSNBC uses this link for daily Iditarod reports and, since the new reports replace the older ones, you can no longer tell what the link above refers to. Basically, the story referred to musher Paul Gebhardt whose sled hit a tree, breaking the traces and separating the dog team from sled and musher. With their load now lightened considerably and still linked together in team formation, the dogs pell melled down the trail on their own. Gebhardt chased them for miles, whereupon the dogs surely looked around and said something like "Where the heck have YOU been anyway?")

My bike always looks at me that way, but at least it waits for me.


William said...

I love that race. Unbelievable. I wonder if the dogs even noticed for all that time that they main guy was missing. Crazy dogs.

mipper said...

ok, that was just a flat out LOL there. it makes you wonder what the dogs were thinking... "gosh, he's awfully quiet back there. hey, is he losing weight?"