Monday, February 13, 2006

Not Goodbye, Good Riddance

Sammy "Corky" Sosa indicated he'd rather retire than accept an "humiliating" offer from the Washington Nationals. "Sammy wants to get to 600 home runs..." said a source, "...and Sammy doesn't think of himself as someone who has to beg for a spot on a big-league roster..." Yeah, right. Nor does he think of himself as possessing even the slightest idea how to play the outfield.

Notice Sammy said nothing about oh, I don't know, winning a World Series or anything. Just a selfish, individual goal of hitting 600, mostly meaningless, home runs. Home runs that come when his team is behind by 8 runs or ahead by 10. Home runs with nobody on base. Home runs that accomplish NOTHING except forcing us to watch the nauseating "Sammy Hop."

Sammy, you fat, stupid disgrace of a slug, get the heck out of baseball, the newspapers and my Cub fan memory. You stink. You always have, and right now you stink twice as much as ever before. Good riddance.

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