Saturday, November 05, 2005

Tracking the Tri-Brother at IMFL

Tri-Brother is out of the water in 1:05:18 for a 1:43/100 pace. T1 came and went in 7:11. More updates here.

Update #1: Tri-Brother is off the bike in 5:29:29 at a pace of 20:40 MPH. T2 time was 3:33. He completed the run's first 13.1 mile segment in 1:47:35 for a pace of 8:12/mile. Tri-Brother ROCKS!!!!!!!

Update #2: Tri-Brother finishes in 10:37:02 for a finish position of 257. His total run time was 3:51:31 for an average pace of 8:51/mile. The second 13.1's pace was a slower 9:27/mile but Tri-Brother STILL rocks!


Wil said...

GO TRI-BROTHER! Dang, he's a fishy.

Comm's said...

wow that is just flat out fast as you know what. Great job and look forward to a detailed and hyperlinked race report.

Shelley said...

Wow...fantastic...way to go Tri-Bro

Flatman said...

Holy Moly...way to go Tri-Bro!