Friday, November 04, 2005

Let the Games Begin

Commenter djgoldnboy raised his hand and volunteered to accompany Vertical Man on century rides and other training excursions. As he noted, it's always easier with others along. Thanks, Djgoldnboy! I'll take you up on the offer.

Any other takers? The only real requirement is the ability get to the Madison, WI area for WIBAs (Wisconsin Ironman Brick Adventures) or to southwest Michigan for SEBAs (Steelhead Epic Brick Adventures.) Well, that and the ability to paste a smile on your face after riding 120 miles. And you must be old enough to buy the occasional, um, post-ride beverage.

To Wil and Shelley, of course it goes without saying that you are permanent members of the WIBA/SEBA training team, even though I'm not worthy to be in Shelley's presence after she rocked Kona. And Wil is gonna be some kind of WIBA/SEBA fashion plate with the new bike, helmet and shoes. Hard to keep up with those two, for sure.


Shelley said...

UR FUNNY!!!! Now get out there and ride!!!

The Clyde said...

Shouldn't be a problem at all. I actually have a life-long friend that lives in Madison (who just so happens to be a Cat 2/3 racer, so we can let him smoke us, haha), I'd imagine he'd be more than willing to go on the ride as well. We could use his house for post ride showers, beverages, sleeping post (if need be), etc, he's fine with that, he's always asking me to come ride with him.... we'll set it up once it starts to get warmer again.

Comm's said...

but VM you forgot the most important part..your better fed!

Wil said...

HEH! Being stylish is hardly going to help me keep up with YOU TWO! Cold, hard ass-busting is the only way I'll manage that one ;)

Lisa said...

I'm slow, and have never ridden more than 45 miles yet, but I'd be more than willing to get my butt out on a few long rides in the spring. As a Madisonian and a MOO 2007 hopeful, I'm always up for a challenge.

I'll gladly chug along a couple miles back, in order to be able to imbibe in a few adult beverages post ride. :) I'm hoping for a half IM (or two or three) next summer, so really long rides will be good for me!