Thursday, November 03, 2005

2006's Festivities

I've been noodling with 2006's race schedule and it ain't easy. As I've remarked before, the "A" race (with a giant, capital A) is IMMOO on September 10. If there's a second "A" race it's probably Steelhead on August 5th. Thus I'm forgoing a summer filled with the usual mix of shorter, fun races and throwing my meager weight behind getting Iron-ready.

Here's what I'm thinking (races I've signed up for are in bold, 2005 repeats are in blue):

  • January 15: P.F. Chang's Rock 'n Roll Marathon, Phoenix, AZ
  • April (early): Wine Country Half-Marathon, Paso Robles, CA
  • May 13: Gulf Coast Triathlon, Panama City, FL (1/2 IM)
  • May 20: Galena Triathlon, Galena, IL (sprint distance)
  • June 4: Seahorse Challenge, Kalamazoo, MI (Olympic distance)
  • June 17: Horribly Hilly Hundreds century ride
  • June (late): Lake In the Hills (IL) 2-mile swim
  • July 15: Muncie Endurathon, Muncie IN (1/2 IM distance)
  • August 5: Whirlpool Steelhead, Benton Harbor, MI (1/2 IM)
  • September 10: Ironman Wisconsin, Madison, WI
  • September 17: Devil's Challenge, Baraboo, WI (sprint distance)
  • October: Chicago Marathon

I'm also looking at the May 21 Ford Florida Half-Ironman 70.3 as an alternative to the Gulf Coast 1/2 on the 13th. I much prefer Ford's lake swim over the Gulf, but it would knock Galena off my schedule. I kinda like Galena. Hmmm.

Karyn is also scheduling me for several LONG open-water swims and century rides; one of the latter is known as the "Horribly Hilly Hundreds." Thoughts and suggestions are welcome, especially from you, Karyn!


The Clyde said...

I'd be game if you guys need/ would like another training partner for the century rides. It's always easier doing them with others.

Not sure when/where you'll do them, but if they start in the Chi-town or Wisonsin area I'd be willing to go along.

Shelley said...

WOW VM, sure looks like you have a solid year planned..good for you and good luck in all the races you do!!

Keryn said...

That's a lot of races. That's all...just a lot.

Vertical Man said...

Yes, Keryn, it is! And your point would be?????

That which doesn't kill me makes me stronger, or something like that.

Wil said...

Are you on drugs or something man?? You have a sprint like THE WEEK after IMWI - and them you want to run Chicago? OK, even I'm thinking about running Chicago again, so you're off the hook for that one, but ONE WEEK after IMWI you're racing again. Man, you're all guts my dear!