Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Sucking At Track At the Track

This off-season's nagging aches and pains combined with a piss-poor attitude has produced a long series of below-par workouts. So today I headed out for the local high school track with no expectations at all. I didn't feel like working out. I didn't feel like running track. I didn't feel like analyzing why, either. After reading my logs and fearing disaster, Karyn even called me to move the workout to tomorrow. But I'd already left for the track, so we failed to connect. And what happens at the track? The best workout of the fall. Go figure.

The 2-mile run from home to the track served as a warm-up. The main workout was supposed to start with 4 strides, but I, hmm, er, forgot. Sorry Karyn. Next was supposed to be a mile at my 5k pace, or around 7:00. I ran it in 6:50 by my watch, but it was probably closer to 6:30-6:40, as I had to run in the outside lanes to avoid the cross-country team running 200s. The first hint that something was amiss with my pity party.

Next on the agenda was 4X800, with the second half of each 800 faster then the first half. 800 times are bold, splits are in parentheses: 3:30 (1:50/1:40), 3:17 (1:41/1:36), 3:16 (1:40/1:36), 3:08 (1:36/1:32). So not only did I hit the mark within each 800, I got faster from one 800 to the next.

What the hell is going on here? I feel like sucking and, damn it, nobody's going to deprive me the pleasure of wallowing in my suckiness. Except me, apparently. 2 miles back home and now it's Miller time. Oh wait, I don't drink that maggot puke. It's Syrah time.

Tomorrow's drill-packed swim workout is sure to suck. Stay tuned.


nancytoby said...

Sucks to be that crappy, doesn't it? ;-) I wish I sucked that bad!

Wil said...

It's physically impossible for you to suck - damn you. I think that you could probably still pull those stupid fast times in a full body cast.

Maggot puke... wow. I'm absolutely speechless and utterly amazed at the visual you've created. That's just poetry, my friend.

Really disturbing poetry.

mipper said...

yeah, i have to ditto Nancy there.

great job on the "sucky" workout. hope the swim drills are just as "bad". ;)

i do understand the will to wallow and yet somehow not being able to. now that is what really sucks. :)

have a great swim VM. glad to see you among the living.

Keryn said...

I have to ...um...third Nancy. I wish I sucked like that. But hey, feel sucky if you want. It's your right to feel like crap whenever you want, even if no one else can tell.

I Can Tri said...

Someday I will "suck," too.

Welcome back, VM!

Comm's said...

VM, you just amaze me.