Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Training Schedule for September 12-18, 2005

This is Week #2 of Build #2. The week - and my triathlon season - ends on Sunday with the Devil's Challenge Triathlon in Devil's Lake State Park near Baraboo, WI. Total training hours are at 6:05, race not included.

  • Monday: Bike 1:30
  • Tuesday: Swim 1:00 (2,800)
  • Wednesday: Run 0:45; Bike 0:45
  • Thursday: Swim 1:00 (2,500)
  • Friday: Day off for travel
  • Saturday: Swim 0:30 (1,000); Bike 0:20; Run 0:15
  • Sunday: Race: Devil's Challenge

Monday's bike workout is called "sprintervals" and calls for 3X20 seconds all-out (1 minute recovery) then 5 minutes in HR zone 5+, 8 minutes of recovery then do it all again! The main set for Tuesday's swim is 2,100 yards, swam as 6X50, 4X75, 3X100, 1X300, 3X100, 4X75 and 6X50, all with :10 rest intervals. Wednesday's run includes some 5k race pace intervals; the bike is an easy, recovery spin. Thursday's swim is an extra session for the week. I need the time in the pool, believe me. I'll hit Devil's Lake for Saturday's swim; the bike and run are short sessions just to keeping things moving and warmed up.

Sunday's race-day wakeup call comes early. It's prime time, time for one of my favorite races of the season. Devil's Lake is clear, cold, deep and can be quite choppy. The bike course offers some steep, grinding uphills and long, fast, screaming downhills. The run is a flat, out-and-back course, offering opportunities to gauge your pace against the rest of the field and wake up a bunch of hungover campers! Can life get any better?


mipper said...

what a gorgeous place for a tri! good luck. you'll do awesome, as always!

Wil said...

WOW! I'd DNF there as I'd run out of time gawking at all that!

Keryn said...

What a beautiful place. I think I agree with Wil...I'd probably be spending so much time admiring the scenery, I wouldn't be able to finish the race....