Wednesday, September 07, 2005

"Rookie" Blog posting...

Okay, here goes! I'm a bit nervous about entering the Blog World, but I truly enjoy reading your postings and comments from others. I was racking my brain trying to figure out something profound for my first posting, and decided that a "Top 10" list of why I love this sport and coaching is as good a start as any.

Coach Karyn's Top 10 List of Why I love this crazy sport and coaching:

1. There is NOTHING better than seeing someone finish their first triathlon. We've all been there and experienced it, and to be able to mentor someone and see that grin that lasts for days, just priceless.

2. As a coach, being able to "untap" the inner athlete that is in all of us. It is just amazing to see someone like VM who at 50, is faster, fitter, and more motivated than he has ever been, and it's just the beginning!

3. Another "coachism", having someone say "F-you" and "Thank you" in the same day! I think VM may have muttered that under his breath at a track workout or two, but it sure pays off on race day. (I hope that was "blog legal.")

4. Funny stories from clients and teammates. I have one client who had a long ride on her trainer, was out of gels, so decided that chocolate frosting from the can must be close enough. Needless to say, it didn't work. Another client did a race in Lake Geneva (a race with a reputaion of not being very well run), she came in to T2 to find an entire family cooking shish-ka-bobs on a grill INSIDE the transition area right next to her bike!

5. Ironman Finish Lines. If you have never been to one, you need to experience it as an athlete, or a spectator. A true testament on drive and human spirit. Bring some tissues, I cry every time.

6. Youth in our sport! Talk about tissues, being a tri geek like I am and watching my 6 year old finish her first triathlon (on training wheels no less), WOW! After the race she told me she loved the swim and the bike, hated the run. Apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.

7. Winter runs on a snowy morning with the dog. As much as the winter gets way too long in the Midwest, there is nothing better. Hearing that crunch under your feet of fresh snow, watching Riley make "snow angels" in any snowbank he can find, and feeling the sun on your face when it's 20 degrees is good.

8. Teaching people to love the water. I absolutely love to coach swimming. Being able to take someone who has struggled in the water and teach them to love it, it's a gift for life. It's such a frustrating sport for most athletes because it is so technical, but to be able to make life easier, show someone how they can experience flow and ease in the water is something I feel so lucky to be able to do.

9. What this sport teaches us about LIFE. To be able to do our best, learn balance, learn humility, and just ask ourselves to be the best we can be on race day (regardless of any "boogers" thrown at us along the way) teaches us we can conquer those mental and physical hurdles life throws our way. When you can put your head on your pillow at night and know that in your soul, you gave it your all, there's no better feeling.

10. Lastly, this sport teaches us not to just accept this is all we have. With every race, you can find SO many ways to keep improving and striving for more. Not only can you improve swim/bike/run, there are transitions, nutrition/hydration, mental prep, and the ability to dig deep with "planned suffering." (If it's planned, it does make a difference!)

That's it for now folks, hope everyone is winding up a great season with big plans for 2006!



Flatman said...

Great first post...welcome to the bunch. Can't wait to glean more information from you! VM is luck to have such a caring coach.

Oldman said...

great post...better than the regular guy (hehe)

Keryn said...

Thank you! That's a great list. VM is lucky to be surrounded by so many wonderful women in his life - ITP, Coach Karyn, 4 Tri Daughters, and the ever patient Tri Wife. :)

Vertical Man said...

Hah! Whoever said the Tri-Wife was patient? Did I say that? Otherwise Keryn is right; there are many wonderful women in my life and I would NOT have it any other way.

Oldman, thanks for the vote of no-confidence! I'd noticed your traffic dropping off lately, so welcome back.

Flatman, I'm not sure I'd use the word "caring" to describe Karyn, not when she kicks my ass as frequently as she does!

tri.long said...

Thank you Karyn. You might be a rookie blogger, but you're an experienced coach & triathlete. Enjoyed the top 10, write more !

mipper said...

thanks for the post. can't wait to glean more info from you. however i fVM is using this as an excuse to slack off on his posts... i'll be very disappointed. ;)

tri-mama said...

Cool post-boy I wish you lived in the twins, I need a coach like you. I'll settle for more tidbits on training and racing, good to have you here.