Saturday, September 03, 2005

"C'mon, I wanna hear ya !!!..."

by ITP

"Get on your feet ..."
My spectacle finish-line moment captured by my father's camera. As soon as I find out how VM was able to post his photos from the race, I'll follow suit and do the same. But this one will always be my favorite!

VM did so awesome in this race! And his photos (below) certainly reflect his effort, which was all out. Personally, I appreciate all the encouragement he gave me to even finish at this distance. Thanks VM! I couldn't have done it without ya!

Relative to comments from my previous race anecdotes, here's some responses.

  • Very true! Don't get between me 'n' my Sharpee and a cute guy. Now what was that bib number again??
  • Hmmm ... now how did I get to this finish line? Let's see now, that has roots going all the way back to some deal that was struck with me and VM with witnesses ... Ah yes, skydiving! We (ahem ... I ...) have picked a tentative day for skydiving this month. The only thing that would thwart the effort is a lack of cooperation from Mother Nature. Pictures? Yes, there will definitely be a picture or two! Along with a race report that I'm guessing will studder a bit.
  • My next Oly or even IMMOO? Not in the near future at all, unfortunately. And it's certainly not for lack of wanting to try (tri?). Going forward, my schedule will be tough, so training time will be a premium. And not enough for even an Olympic-distance race. I'll be happy to master the sprint distance and work on my speed there, or write all over guys in the longer distances. I love this sport! Even if it did stem from some cheezy deal...

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Keryn said...

I love the picture! Very cool!

I can't wait to hear more from the Intrepid Training Partner!