Tuesday, August 23, 2005

What's For Dinner, Vertical Man?

Here's the menu: poached Alaskan king salmon, corn on the cob, new potatoes, salad, fresh bread and some plums for dessert. I'm not sure of the calorie count, but it doesn't sound too bad, and since I planned the dinner, did the shopping, chopping and cooking, there's nobody to blame but myself if it sucks. It won't.

There's no cheesecake, though. I didn't have time to make one before the Tri-Daughters stormed into the house. Thanks to many of you for the suggestion. Maybe tomorrow night. Now, if only I was hungry.

I'll have to do some laundry to work up an appetite since a furious, painful, annihilating 60 minute bike ride today (followed by a 30 minute tempo run) didn't do the trick. I held 24-25 MPH into the teeth of a pretty strong wind. It was a great training session, probably my best since Steelhead, but maybe not the best use of a taper week. For lots of reasons though, I REALLY needed it today. And I got it. And now dinner is served.


nancytoby said...

Oh good grief! Three comment-spammers have hit you already!

I was just going to be resentful after hearing about your dinner. Why don't you pour olive oil over the whole thing to ADD SOME CALORIES!?

Sigh. Color me pea-green with envy.

Keryn said...

Spammers suck!

Dinner sounds awesome! Cheesecake would definitely help with the whole needing to eat more.

I agree with everyone below who said you should see a doc. It would at least rule out any major problems...

Wil said...

Yes, friends, he's all that and a chef, too.

And, you are going to need to go and get some protein powder my dear. Mix it with some vanilla soy milk, or whole milk for that matter. Lots of calories...

Hope you're doing all right, sounds like you had a day.

mipper said...

i agree with Nancy, where are the calories?! Ah freak VM, do I need to come and bake for you???!!!

by the way, look at your google ads... never thought i'd see dinner recipes up there. ;) modern and well rounded man for sure!