Sunday, August 14, 2005

Training Schedule for August 15-21, 2005

This is week #1 of the second Peak. Total training hours are at 12:10.

  • Monday: Swim 1:00 (3,050); Bike 1:00
  • Tuesday: Run 1:00 (track workout)
  • Wednesday: Bike 1:30
  • Thursday: Swim 1:00 (2,550); Strength 0:30
  • Friday: Brick 1:30
  • Saturday: Run 1:10; Swim 0:30 (1,500)
  • Sunday: Bike 3:00 (time trial intervals)

This is a key training week for Accenture Chicago. While ensuring that I'm adequately recovered from Steelhead, I need to have a solid week of training so I can respect next week's taper. Speed, intensity and focus are the watchwords. Monday's swim has a main set of 3X(5X100) on :10 rest intervals. Sunday's bike includes 3X10km time trials in HR zone 5.

The biggest workout of all, though, is not on tomorrow's list: my 29th wedding anniversary. Damn, I should've tapered! Oh well, too late now. Gotta go carbo-load!

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